The spirit world surrounds us, and Melinda can interpret what the spirits want to share with us. Every soul has a separate journey and it’s your job to figure out what your journey is. With over 25 years of experience Melinda Kushner has shared her knowledge with thousands of people and helped them discover their souls journey and she offers many ways for you to learn and grow also. From individual readings to preforming in front of large groups, find out what she has for you.


Spiritual Readings with Melinda

Private Individual Readings

Connect with a loved one that has passed, get psychic information about your future, and much more. All done with pinpoint accuracy. Melinda has studied with many world renowned mediums, as well as at the famous Arthur Findlay College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences and would love to share her expertise with everyone.

A one on one session done on; skype, over the phone, or in person that will truly change your outlook on life. 30 minute and 1 hour sessions available.

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Group Readings

Group readings give you and/or guests an opportunity to connect with the spirit world. Melinda has demonstrated for small and large groups alike. Group readings give everyone in attendance a chance to connect with loved ones that have passed from our world to the spirit world.

Spiritual readings for a group of 6 and up.


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Mentorship Program

Learn how to become a medium yourself. Melinda’s mentorship program will give you all the tools needed to utilize your skills and connect with the spirit world on your own. Having taught many people how to be a medium she has tested and proven methods that can teach anyone to connect.

Individual and private sessions available via; skype, phone, and in person.

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If you will are looking for a hotel near one of the events at Common Ground, many of our guests recommend:

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Reservations: 844-203-9013